We are a professional photography and film production company, we have several client that we partner with to make popular outdoor television programs as well as short films, and other misc. projects.  We also have custom photography shoots we do with clients looking for a professional environment by an experienced  photographer. All of our work is structured around our clients and we must have that connection in order to have a successful partnership.  We do vet  our clients and pick up business based on those calls, meetings, etc. to insure we are a match for their particular project.   We have had experience working with and filming for Nascar, TomBob Outdoors, Elk Country Aliance, Easy Riders, and Discovery Communications to name a few.

     Dakota Outlaw Studios was formed in 2010 by owner and operator Kevin Clinton in beautiful Landrum, SC.  We have full filming and production capabilities as well as high grade equipment to get the job done.  If you are interested in working with us for your project or have an idea for a show episode, feel free to contact us.  


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